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Costuleni village is situated on the river Prout’s meadow, at 18 km distance from the Ungheni town. This village kindly offers the beauty of the landscape, the freshness of the air, the lovability of the waters, the wealth of the soil and the kind heart of the inhabitants.
The locality’s surface is estimated to 2911 ha and it counts nearly 3500 inhabitants, from among, just 200 are officially working abroad.
There are 27 industrial units in the village. In this way, if you get to Costuleni by car and you don’t have fuel in your car reservoir, you shouldn’t be worried, because in Costuleni you’ll find a gas station too. Also, there are two manufacture stations of the sunflower harvest, a mill, a BMV-housing parts and produce for current usage, three bars, a food shop, 15 department stores and a ….

Respecting the statistics, in 2007, in Costuleni 41 children were born and 24 people died. The number of marriages increased. In 2006, 20 marriages were registered, in 2007 the number of marriages enhanced till 35. There are already 40 marriages applications for the 2008. But more relevant than figures are the locality’s traditions. Is there anybody who didn’t hear about the Costuleni’s lively folk dance?  It’s sufficient to dance it only once and it will be understandable the people’s character from Costuleni.


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